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Fotograf Hagen was established in 1964 by Arne Hagen. He took his photography education in Germany. He was out early with a special lighting for his advertising shooting, furniture photography and fashion. For many years he was also working with photography from air for both offshore companies and individuals. He also has been making commercials for companies.

Arne was quick to evoke his own and others' pictures and delivered images of large scale made by hand in the premier quality. On busiest Saturdays in the 70s and 80s, there could be up to twenty bridesmaids in one day.


Crafts, art and hard work for over 50 years

Fotograf Hagen - Pictures of the day
Picture on the day at Fotograf Hagen became a known term that was invented by the mother of Arne, Inger Johanne Hagen. It was a huge success and led to the Picture on the Day, Picture on the Wedding Day, etc., so it became a concept that all services within Pictures of the Day is available at Fotograf Hagen. This is a term that lives on among those who visit us.

Arne has been one of the most recognized furniture photographers in Norway and holds several gold prices including the Gold in Daguerreprisen. He also has been a board member of the Norwegian Association of Photographers and has both Certificate of Apprenticeship and Master's Certificate as Photographer. Arne still photographs some landscapes, portraits and advertising assignments.

Since the Olympics at Lillehammer in 94, Rune started video production and produced films before, during and after the Olympics. Movies and photography were produced both on film and catalogs. This resulted in an agreement to provide technical services and main responsibility for TV2 in Møre og Romsdal region since 1995.

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